Disrupting the global food industry with AI and robotics

We are developing proprietary solutions to disrupt the global 2,6 trillion dollar food service industry

About Circus

The food industry is long overdue for innovation to address operational challenges, adapt to changing consumer demands, and stay competitive in a dynamic and evolving market.

Circus SE is transforming the food service industry with AI-powered robots, creating a global network of autonomous kitchens to ensure everyone enjoys a balanced and convenient dining experience.

Meet our Robot, CA-1

Our robots are engineered to fastly produce, high-quality meals with precision, at a fraction of operational complexity and costs compared to industry standards. No humans involved.

An AI-fueled software ecosystem: Circus OS

Our operating system revolutionizes kitchen processes with an advanced suite that enables fast, precise, and high-quality meal production.

We significantly reduce operational complexity and costs compared to industry peers.

Built by serial entrepreneurs

Discover a team driven by a culture of innovation and radical disruption, our leadership team draws on a rich tapestry of experience across technology, robotics and, foodservice.

+70 team members, 4 locations, 1 mission

Join a diverse team of leading experts in software, AI and robotics and fundamentally change an entire industry with us.