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Circus Live

Bringing full autonomy to the food service industry with AI-robotics

We're pioneering AI and robotics in food tech, powering fully autonomous kitchen ecosystems to fuel humanity at a global scale.

A global network of autonomous food production robots

Consumer Concepts
Our food tech ecosystem powers scalable, AI-driven culinary concepts. With AI-generated content and recipes, innovative store concepts, and consumer apps, new B2C brands can launch faster than ever.
Circus Robotics
From ingredients to packaged meals, with no human intervention needed: Our modular AI kitchen robot seamlessly automates the entire kitchen workflow. Quality and hygiene guaranteed, always.
Seamless precision at every step. Our proprietary software orchestrates all kitchen operations with radically streamlined efficiency – from intelligent inventory management to contactless last-mile handover.
Consumer Concepts
Circus Robotics
Running all kitchen ops with just a tablet
Total operational control: Managers can easily handle the entire kitchen workflow through our cutting-edge software solutions.
Shaking up the global 2.6 trillion euro food service industry
We're pioneering this market with the combined power of advanced AI, cutting-edge robotics, and our proprietary software – fundamentally changing how people think about food.
First-of-its-kind culinary intelligence
Our AI solutions generate billions of new recipes in seconds – pushing the boundaries of what's possible in automation.
Robotic precision perfected
Leveraging industry-leading German engineering, our modular robotic kitchen system is designed for reliability, safety, and hygiene.
Tech-enhanced fulfillment
Our fulfillment system boosts order processing with platform integrations, smart locker handovers, and more – for peak efficiency.
Our Mission

Fueling humanity with AI-robotics

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Latest news

July 17, 2024
min read
Circus Group: Leading AI robotics company expands advisory board with Arne Rost, Managing Director of the TUM Venture Lab Robotics/AI
June 28, 2024
min read
Circus Group signs preliminary agreement to deploy its food production robot CA-1 at Berlin Brandenburg Airport
June 12, 2024
min read
Circus Group signs preliminary agreement to roll out 5,400 units of its food production robot CA-1 across Beijing educational institutions