Feb 11, 2024
Circus Co-Founder and CEO on 2024 Watchlist for Visionary Thinkers

Circus Co-Founder and CEO Nikolas Bullwinkel is listed under the Top 100 Visionary Thinkers 2024 by Business Punk Magazin.

Feb 9, 2024
Circus Group Announces Uber Direct Partnership for Complete Fleet Integration

Circus’ last mile delivery will be fully managed by Uber Direct, granting Circus access to the technology and infrastructure of Uber Eats and its delivery service partners in over 100 cities in Germany. The seamless integration of the Uber API with Circus’s proprietary digital operating system, CircusOS, guarantees a smooth ordering process and preserves a premium dining experience for customers.

Feb 2, 2024
Food-Tech-Company Circus Unveils Proprietary Operating System CircusOS

In a significant move to reshape the food service industry, food tech company Circus presents the first test case powered by CircusOS, its proprietary digital operating system engineered to transform how culinary concepts are managed and scaled.

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