Circus OS

Driving operational excellence
with the power of AI


An ecosystem to keep full control

We develop a suite of proprietary software solutions for digital control of all operational processes. Controlling everything from inventory to handover.

Our software products
One Suite to rule them all
Management Control
Managers and Franchisees can easily access their locations performance data as well as staff efficiency and inventory insights to keep full control of daily operations. We guide managers to stay compliant to HACCP regulations.
Kitchen Display System
Cooking processes are controlled based on our AI backlog management to group orders, dishes and parallelise tasks. Algorithms are build to decrease idle time and maximise dish output at any time.
Fulfillment Solutions
Every item and fresh meal receives smart labels to guarantee the highest quality control and match dishes to orders automatically.
Software solution for intelligently optimised handover to 3rd party service partners. Our Setup allows a seamless and contact free handover of orders and management of all last mile stakeholders.
World's first culinary intelligence

Billions of new recipes generated in seconds. Based on our ingredients and millions of collected data points, we automate the culinary development process via our AI solutions to making meal creation drastically faster and more efficient.

Our Intelligence
AI Pioneer in Food
AI Dish generation
In-house dish generation tool, seamlessly crafts detailed recipes, visual content and cost assessments, leveraging generative AI.
AI Forecasting
Intelligent order backlog management and order grouping to parallelise tasks and minimise prep times.
AI Recommendations (Beta)
Instantaneously curates personalized dish suggestions, balancing user preferences and external factors with intelligent algorithms.
AI Chef
The first AI commerce solution in food. Al generated meal Options for every consumer - Simply prompt your meal. We cook it.
Every meal at a single click

With our mobile app, we offer our unbeatable culinary offers to the end consumer. A seamless user experience with all the convenience of the latest mobile technology.

Live beta operations in Hamburg.