Meet CA-1

A modular production robot engineered to elevate the craft of cooking to full autonomy.

A modular System designed to scale

Our Kitchen Robots are made to eliminate any manual processes in our kitchens. The unit is orchestrated by two robotic arms, 50 motors, and 25 light barriers.

Robotic Features
A holistic solution
Automated Cooking
Our high-tech cooking station with rotating pots and intelligent management delivers optimal taste, enhanced by Menu System's advanced induction technology.
Ingredient Dispensing
We have developed a revolutionary food dispensing system in which the color-coded silos can guarantee a constant high precision of fresh ingredient dispensing.
Cleaning Program
Circus automates dishwashing through a partnership with market leader Winterhalter, using robot-ready UC series dishwashers with fully integrated control software.
Cooling System
Circus maintains hygienic standards in the cell, with an AC system keeping temperatures at 5-7°C for ingredient safety. It optimizes airflow and temperature, directing cool air where necessary.

Designed and built in Munich